Best of the Garden Bunch Subscription FAQs

We hate small print and we’d love to be be able to deliver our London grown flowers all over the city but there are a few restrictions. Please read the FAQs below and don’t hesitate in contacting us if anything is unclear.

1.    What does the subscription include?

a.     A monthly delivery of the best of our cutting garden: a selection of seasonal, scented, beautiful flowers and foliage delivered to your door. The garden bunch will comprise approximately 15 - 20 stems per delivery. The variance in stems will be down to what’s in season. When we have roses or dahlias, beautiful high value and in demand blooms, you might get fewer stems as they’re a speciality flower.

2.    Will it be a bouquet?

a.     No, the flowers will not be hand tied but wrapped together in recyclable brown paper for you to arrange at home.

3.    Will the flowers be posted through the letterbox?

a.     No. We work with the best seasonal, locally grown stems which means we want them to arrive looking their best for you. The flowers will be carefully bunched, wrapped and delivered to your door. If you are not in to receive the flowers we can leave them in a pre-arranged safe place in a bucket of water. For the following delivery, simply leave the bucket out for us to collect / refill with water and your flowers. 

4.    When will the flowers be delivered?

a.     Deliveries will be made on a Thursday morning. Therefore, if you / the recipient does not work from home we’ll leave the flowers in a pre-arranged safe place. This subscription may not work for people who live in large blocks of flats where no safe place is available, so please bear this in mind before purchasing.


5.    Can I specify what time I want my flowers to arrive?

a.     Our deliveries will go out on Thursday mornings between the hours of 7am and 10am. Because the delivery route may be different each Thursday and we’re a tiny company we’re unable to promise more specific time slots.


6.    When can recipients start receiving flowers?

a.     We harvest flowers from our cutting garden from the end of March – the end of October depending on the weather. Upon opening the voucher envelope, recipients will be instructed to email A voucher number will be written on the reverse of the voucher so we may identify them. Once we receive their email we can set up a schedule of deliveries, starting on a Thursday in March / April.


7.    Can a delivery be skipped?

a.     Yes, however we must be notified 48 hours in advance (Tuesday morning) of any changes. We’ll only ever deliver on a Thursday; however recipients can request for delivery on a different Thursday if their plans change and they won’t be at home.


8.    What does it cost?

a.     £65 including delivery (within our delivery zone) for 1 garden bunch per month for 3 months. There will be a small processing, postage & packaging cost to send the gift voucher to you unless you’d like to collect from N22 or N4 during our working hours.


9.    Where does WLFC deliver to?

a.     WLFC delivers all over London and the home counties for weddings, events and one-off bouquet orders. However, the Best of the Garden Bunch is an offer available exclusively for our neighbours living in N22, N11, N8, N10, N4, N19, N7. If you’d like to buy or gift this subscription to someone who lives outside one of these postcodes please email us and we’ll certainly try to accommodate. There might an additional delivery charge to facilitate this.


10. Can we have more than 3 months or a weekly / fortnightly delivery?

a.     Yes, you’ll need to purchase more than one subscriptions and all purchases need to be multiples of 3. For example: 3 or 6 or 9 deliveries etc. All deliveries will be made on a Thursday.


11. Where will the flowers come from?

a.     At WLFC we’re committed to ethical and environmentally friendly flowers, therefore they will almost certainly come from our plot in north London where we grow seasonal flowers and foliage with an organic approach. During times of high demand if we need to source flowers from elsewhere, they will always be British.


12. What if I’d like to order a bouquet?

a.     WLFC still offers bouquets, however not on a subscription basis. We can arrange flowers for pick up or delivery from March – November. Bouquets start from £45 plus delivery. Please email us to enquire.